Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Real Lives

The Living Archive Band

Songs from the shows - All Change, Days of Pride, Sheltered Lives, Worker by Name and Bigger, Brighter, Better.


I'll Tell You What Happened..........

The Tales of Hawtin Mundy

Brad Bradstock

Back in the early eighties a musical documentary play was performed at Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes called "Days of Pride". This show told of Hawtin Mundy's experiences during the First World War and was played by people from the local community. A few years later, after Hawtin had died, Brad Bradstock put together a one-man show depicting Hawtin's life from birth until the end of the First World War, using material from the play and edited transcripts from Hawtin's own recordings.
This is a collection of dialogue and songs from the show.

Download Part One
Download Part Two

Another Day, Another Sausage

Brad Bradstock

A collection of songs not for sale. This collection of recordings was made over a period of time at different recording places, Some professional, some not :-)


Kobold - Defintely Live!

Kobold - Almost Live